Thank you for your interest in supporting Gear & Beer Summer 2019 Festival! We hope to work with you, we offer tiered layers of sponsorship starting at $500, but we look beyond that as we want to create long term relationships with our sponsors. Sure, we can offer logo placement, social media, premiere booth spots, stage announcements etc., but we all offer customized opportunities for sponsors and partners that are mutually beneficial.

Examples of Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Stay Chill Bra’ - July is hot hot hot in Denver, and Gear & Beer is hosted outside. Keep everyone cool and hydrated with misters, kiddie pool ice baths, water refilling stations, you name it.

  • Zero Hero - Events can have a big environmental impact, and we want to reduce our waste, so we are looking for a partner to support our efforts to get rid of single use cups and use better waste systems. Think branded stainless steel pint glasses or working with a company like r.Cup

  • Light up the Party - Get people in the mood to socialize, shop, and dance the night away. Gear & Beer is in a parking lot with limited lighting, so help us create a wonderland.

  • Kickback Queen - After all day on your feet, kicking back with a cold one in hand is pretty great. Support a lounge area with hammocks, cozy seating, yard games and more.

  • I Just Want to Dance - Sponsor our entertainment (bands/DJs/films, AV equipment, stage, yes, we’ll let you jump on the mic for a few minutes and shout our love for you too etc…)

  • Safety First - Personally, we love to boof off waterfalls in our personal time, but when it comes to events, we prioritize safety above all else, help us do that.

  • Snack Monster - Gear. Good. Beer. Good. Food? The best! If you want to help fill tummies like an Italian nonna, hit us up!

  • Bike, Ride, Scoot - Help everyone easily get to Gear & Beer, and safely home at the end of the night as our transportation sponsor.

Want to do something unique? We are open to ideas and want to work with you! Please contact fill out the form or email me (Cat) directly so we can have a discussion about how to best work together.

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