Event Consulting & Speaking


Let’s talk events & logistics

Events are great for brand exposure, fundraising, and celebrating. You want to host one to launch a product, celebrate a milestone, or raise some cold hard cash. But you know what? Events are a lot of work.

My type A personality, love of Excel spreadsheets, and ability to adapt and think of my feet lend me to be quite good at events. And I’m here to help.

I’ve guided event hosts on how to plan an event, obtain permits, secure donations and sponsorships, create multiple revenue streams, navigate alcohol laws, choose systems to effectively manage all of the million details from venue layout to ticketing, and more.

I’ve led courses teaching new venue managers how to set up and run successful event programs with advice on contract writing, vendor selection and negotiation, process development, staffing, pricing, permitting, business development, and event sales.

In need of a little advice or some answers to your event questions? I have experience hosting, planning, and coordinating events, managing event spaces, vendor negotiation and management, and researching all those pesky permitting questions. I’d love to share my knowledge to help your event be successful.